Aerial View of New Miramar Santa Monica From Ocean Avenue

The new Miramar Santa Monica embraces and celebrates its rich history while incorporating world-class contemporary architecture, sustainability and stunning landscaped open spaces

Project Overview

  • 301 room hotel
  • Up to 60 condominiums
  • 42 family-sized affordable apartments
    (60% 2 and 3 bedroom units)
  • Pedestrian-oriented restaurant and retail spaces
  • Over 50% of the site is dedicated to open space
  • Ample on-site automobile and bicycle parking,
    (428 and 342 spaces, respectively)
  • Exemplary sustainability targets
  • Compliant with the Downtown Community Plan
    • 130’ maximum height and 2.6 FAR
An Inviting Open Space on Ocean Avenue

Approved by the City Council and the California Coastal Commission
Providing Over $140 Million in Community/Project Benefits to Santa Monica

Economic Benefits

(Projections for the first 25 years of Operations)

  • Over $444 million to the City’s General Fund
  • Over $112 million to local schools
  • Over $3 billion in economic impacts to the City
  • $12 million in replacement Transit Occupancy Tax to the City during construction
  • $12 million in one-time contribution for key City initiatives
    • Transportation Improvements ($1.4 million)
    • Affordable Housing ($720,000)
    • Affordable Lodging ($7.42 million)
    • Economic Equity Fund ($600,000)
    • Childcare and Senior Initiatives ($1.35 million)
    • Reed Park Ambassadors Program ($200,000)
    • Palisades Park Improvements ($75,000)
    • Parks and Open Spaces ($250,000)
Activating Wilshire Boulevard and Ocean Avenue

Job Opportunities

  •  The new Miramar Santa Monica will remain a union hotel and provide over 100 additional full-time jobs
  • Existing employees will be protected during construction per the UNITE HERE closure agreement
  • The redevelopment will create thousands of union construction jobs and a $418 million one-time boost to the local economy
  • Local hiring programs will be prioritized for construction and permanent jobs
  • Four internships will be offered annually for students at Santa Monica high schools or SMC

Historic Preservation

  • The design of the Landmark Palisades Building rehabilitation was inspired by its appearance in the 1940s-1950s, a period of historic significance
  • The reestablished gardens entry and rooftop sign return prominent historic features and celebrate the Landmark building
  • Exceptional architecture embraces and highlights the historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree
  • Thoughtful landscape design protects the Landmark tree and provides new opportunities for outdoor dining, special events, and casual enjoyment
Celebrating the Landmark Palisades Building
Celebrating the Historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Open Space

  • The new Miramar Santa Monica will remove the surrounding perimeter walls to open up the site and create significant new open spaces for the community to enjoy
  • 14,000 square feet of publicly accessible gardens will activate Ocean Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard with programmed events and public art supported by adjacent restaurant and retail offerings
  • The landscape design honors and restores the historic garden identity to the site with a California-native, drought tolerant plant palette

Affordable Housing

  • Owner will be donating a 15,000 square foot parcel on Second Street and financially supporting the development of a 42-unit apartment complex for low-income families (30%-80% AMI)
  • The affordable housing complex will provide ample underground parking and transportation allowances for residents without private vehicles
  • Owner will also donate $10,000 annually for additional supportive services
View of the New Miramar Santa Monica from Ocean Avenue

Parking and Access

  • The redevelopment will provide sufficient parking to accommodate all employees, guests, visitors and residents on-site, freeing up parking spaces on neighboring streets
  • Bicycle parking will be supported with lockers and shower facilities to incentivize bicycle use
  • Operations will include a comprehensive transportation demand management plan with monetary incentives for employees to bike, walk or take public transit


  • Targeting LEED Platinum (v4)
  • Significant conservation measures result in 20% water savings and 15% energy savings compared to the existing hotel
  • Other sustainable design features include:
    • New stormwater and internal hotel water capture and
      re-use on-site
    • Substantial solar/ photovoltaic infrastructure on rooftops
    • Extensive EV parking and infrastructure
    • Use of non-potable water for all landscaping needs