“The Miramar Hotel has been an integral part of the Santa Monica community for nearly 100 years. With that in mind, we have designed the new Miramar Santa Monica with the goal of embracing the local community. While the new buildings are magnificent, and reflect the energy and ethos of Santa Monica, we have endeavored to ensure that the outdoor spaces and human experiences at the pedestrian level are equally extraordinary and make a meaningful contribution to the urban fabric of the immediate neighborhood. The new Miramar will be a spectacular addition Downtown, ensuring a beloved community asset for the next 100 years”– Cesar and Rafael Pelli

In June of 2019, Cesar Pelli passed away at the age of 92. We are honored to have had his vision and input on the design of the new Miramar Santa Monica. Visit Memorial

Intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Second Street
Aerial view of proposed project